MIT Global SCALE Executive Education Program in Supply Chain Risk, Resilience and Security Management – BARCELONA 2015

Date: December 11 & 12, 2015

Location: Barcelona

“The relevance of Supply Chain Risk, Resilience and Security Management”

The MIT Global SCALE Executive Education Program in Supply Chain Risk, Resilience and Security Management! The faculty and staff are looking forward to meeting you for an intense period of learning, debating, and discovering the fundamental concepts and best practices in supply chain resilience. This is a unique, intensive and enriching experience that is invaluable to the extension of your education, focused specifically on the needs of mid managers to more senior executives and leaders in companies and organizations worldwide. This program will enhance your knowledge and management skills with the best executive education to face future global challenges with confidence.

In recent years, supply chains have become more globalized and thus more vulnerable. It was in the aftermath of 9/11 when governments and practitioners became more conscious of the fact that supply chains could be jeopardized by security risks. In addition, natural disasters such as tsunamis and floods have shown that most companies have very little knowledge of the risks in their supply chains and are not well prepared to mitigate these. Supply Chain Risk, Resilience and Security Management will enable operators to create resilient contingency plans and be able to react in real-time to unexpected major events in a fast and cost-effective way, avoiding serious economic collapse.

Safeguarding supply chains is essential to both the world’s economy and security. Losses related to natural disasters or robbery,counterfeit,piracy,smuggling/contraband and sabotage, to name a few not only have harmful monetary consequences but also create a loss in brand image and customers trust.These losses may threaten the survival of businesses in the marketplace and ultimately damage the competitiveness and economic development of countries. As a consequence, supply chain security is high on the agenda of governments and business boards alike.

This course will present top-notch research findings and insights from academia and industry experts to help companies be better prepared and build up resilience to withstand threats and to recover rapidly from disruptions.

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