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David spent the first years of his career as a retail buyer, before studying for his Master's Degree in the field of International Business Management. Since graduating, he has devoted his time to the fields of supply chain management and online marketing. In 2012, David created the Inventory & Supply Chain Optimization Blog together with INFORM Software, covering a wide array of supply chain and inventory management topics. Other blogging projects include the creation of The Social Web Weaver and contributing articles to the Huffington Post.

Based just outside New York City, Stuart Rosenberg enjoys a regional reputation as a subject matter expert and published author in Supply Chain Management. He is proficient in Lean Six Sigma disciplines, and has both "white belt" and "green belt" certifications. He is experienced in production environments and effective inventory control. Stuart is also proficient in MRP based inventory control systems and ERP systems.

Tom is a supply chain and logistics consultant with LTD Management. He has real-world logistics and supply chain experience. Tom's experience and capabilities are cutting-edge and bring authority to clients.

Domestic and global. Blue ocean strategy using SCM. New supply chain that drives new e-commerce. Multichannel. Inventory velocity / reduction. Lean. Best practices. Risk assessment. Segmentation. Metrics. Process. Technology. Outsourcing. Suppliers. Supply chain complexity. Product portfolios. Brand and private labels. Short shelf life cycles. Customer portfolios. Transport. Inventory. And more.

Also provides consulting for 3PLs and other logistics service providers. Develop and execute strategy, create value proposition/unique selling proposition, positioning, blue ocean strategy, and service / market segmentation that improve customer retentions, increase margins, and grow the business.

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