Infographic – Supply Chain and Transport of Goods

Infographic – Supply Chain and Transport of Goods

Infographic – Supply Chain and Transport of Goods


Logistics plays a leading role in the supply chain management. What happens behind the curtain is as much important as what goes on in front of customers. In fact, every product has a story to tell.

Speaking of goods, the transportation process is the bridge between the place of production and the place of consumption. In this regard, the strong demand in fleet management has led to high efficiency of the transport means.

A good performance in the carriage of products can make the difference on the road to success. At this point, here you will find statistics, news, pros and cons and fun facts about transportation of goods.



Federica Auletta

About Federica Auletta

Federica has a degree in Foreign Languages and Communication for Business and Tourism. She is Communications Assistant at Market Inspector UK, a B2B digital marketplace for businesses and institutions in Europe. As an online marketing company, Market Inspector provides a unique service, by giving the opportunity to compare quotes and offers from different suppliers. Federica worked in Italy, France, UK and Denmark in marketing-related companies and multicultural environments. She believes the ability to preserve the marketplace and to maintain high standards in business performance are the greatest indicators of success.

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