Douwe Braaksma


Douwe obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Logistics and economics at HU in 2006. Working as a graduate student he developed his eagerness of gaining more knowledge and improving performances of logistic processes and measuring KPI’s for supply chain management.
As a logistic and supply chain professional he has experience in forecasting, demand planning, measuring S&OP KPI’s, data analyses and SAP BW, APO and R/3 systems for demand and supply planning. The passion for supply chain management and the desire to share knowledge and best practices was the foundation for starting the SupplyChainMinded Network.


Geoffrey Dickinson


The interesting and dynamic world of supply chain management grasped Geoffrey (1982) at an early stage. Supply chain and logistics management are a focal point during his study career. The eagerness of gaining more knowledge and improving performances are the drivers for personal development in this field of interest.
At Tilburg University he obtained a masters degree in Logistics and Operations Management. The passion for supply chain management and process improvement along with the appealing aspects of entrepreneurship are the foundation for starting his own business (Logistics Fit Consultancy) during his study at Tilburg University. Focused on logistics consultancy and project support. After successfully completing various projects, Geoffrey developed the Logistics Performance Model. This includes a web based logistics performance dashboard. Helping logistics and supply chain managers in their decision making process and in identifying areas for process improvement. For more information on this, see www.logistiekprestatiemodel.nl (in Dutch). 

Additionally, Geoffrey is the founder of the Linkedin group: Logistics & Supply Chain Performance (20,000+ members).