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Defining Industry Performance: Results of 2013 Depot Repair Benchmarking Survey

    Defining Industry Performance:  Results of 2013 Depot Repair Benchmarking Survey

The Depot Repair Industry encompasses a wide variety of enterprises, ranging from original equipment manufacturers to third party service providers and from single location companies to those with numerous shops across the US, Canada, and Mexico. The types of products repaired include telecom, computers, servers, printers, and smart phones. To better understand where this complex industry as a whole excels and where improvement might be warranted, Blumberg Advisory Group conducted a survey examining a number of key performance indicators (KPIs) in financial, production, and quality aspects of depot repair.

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On Fuel Consumption, Driving and Savings

In studying trucking and fuel costs in detail Chuck Intrieri found the following facts about on fuel consumption, driving and savings to be true.

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New Developments in Tablet Computer Repair

    New Developments in Tablet Computer Repair

Adoption of tablet computers among consumer and enterprise customers is growing at an incredible rate across the globe. Though the concept of tablet computing was introduced unsuccessfully in the early 2000s with the Microsoft Tablet Computer, the launch of the original iPad in 2010 ushered in the boom era in which we’re currently living. Computer industry giants and young upstarts alike design and sell tablets in an ever-increasing variety of shapes and sizes, with features ranging from basic touchscreen functionality to complex integrated networks of sensors and input/output options, and at a wide variety of prices.

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Competitive Advantage – S&OP Whitepaper

By Shanaka Jayasinghe & Carter McNabb | GRA Supply Chain Executive Summary General Electric’s well-known boss Jack Welch once famously said that “engineers who can’t add, operators who can’t run their equipment, and

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E-commerce gives logistics a voice at the top table

How do you configure a retail logistics operation to make the most of the opportunities available with e-commerce – and provide the flexibility and agility to handle changes in the future?

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Recovering Lost Profits by Improving Reverse Logistics for High-Tech Manufacturers

White paper By By Curtis Greve and Jerry Davis | The new logistics Executive Summary It is no surprise that almost every

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Achieving Supply Chain Excellence – Your Journey Forward

Where are you in your supply chain journey? Nobody disputes the value of an efficient, collaborative, carefully planned supply chain.

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Improving forecast accuracy

Improving forecast accuracy is never easy, but is an essential step to lowering inventory levels and the associated carrying costs

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The U.S. Manufacturing Value Chain: An International Perspective 

In this white paper they examine the data from the World Input-Ouput Database that was gathered from as survey of

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Proper Asset Maintenance Improves Safety, Reliability, and Profitablility

Maintenance programs are essential to keep those working with mining equipment safe. In this white paper they outline the strategies,

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