4th Annual Innovations in Supply Chain Finance – AMSTERDAM February 2017

    Date: 13 – 14 February 2017

    Location: Amsterdam | Park Plaza Victoria

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    Understand the latest technological developments and the role of bank agnostic platforms in the supply chain finance business

    Supply chain finance is an area of business which still holds great potential for return on investment, and is beneficial not only to the banks which supply the products, but the buyers and suppliers that make use of them. Investment in technology projects can run to millions of Euros, and there is always the danger that these projects will run over time and budget. The technology and systems required to make these transactions possible are constantly shifting, and staying up-to-date with the advances is vital to remaining completive in a market in which prices are being driven down by the introduction of non-bank entities. With these entities offering both funding and platforms, it is vital for banks to work to remain competitive, either through development of their own platforms, or by making well-informed choices about with bank agnostic platforms to make use of. Banks face the added pressure of having to comply with the various capital regulations, which have increased the cost of doing business across the board, and meeting the KYC requirements, which can take up a large percentage of time. These difficulties can increase when considering investing in emerging markets, and so it is vital that banks make informed choices about the challenges they will face if they work to meet the demand in these markets.

    The key topics of this year’s summit will be:

    • Understand the latest developments in systems and technology;
    • Analyse the role of bank agnostic platforms in the supply chain finance market;
    • Evaluate the current market trends, including the impact of the KYC regulations;
    • Explore the demand for supply chain finance in emerging markets and how to meet the challenges presented by these markets.